Guernsey Film Archives

Over the years A number of notable productions have filmed on location in Guernsey and it's sister islands of Alderney, Sark and Herm. David Niven and Derek Jacobi visited the Islands to film "Appointment with Venus" and "Mr Pye" respectively. Another film called the Blockhouse used one of our Second World War Bunkers as the set for a dramatic and harrowing tale of escaped internees and a French film company used Victor Hugo's House and many other locations for the filming of Adele H. a story set in Nova Scotia.

The most recent production was for German TV, Channel 7. It was a dark tale, set on a Baltic Island, but was filmed mostly in Sark and Guernsey. Using local Location Management Company CMA PR and a host of local extras, together with some help from the Fire Brigade the production was a great success and raised a lot of interest and support on the Island.

Add to that the filming of several episodes of Howards Way in the island and even the occasional scene for Bergerac and you can see the Island has built quite an interest in Film and TV. Last year a crew visited the Island to film a documentary on Victor Hugo for American TV and a crew from the BBC spent three days on the Island making a short promotional piece for general release across their network.

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