Guernsey Locations

For more images of Guernsey, click on this photo With so many excellent locations on offer it is difficult to choose a representative group to feature on a website like this.

However to help you find your way around, the Guernsey Independent Film Commission does offer a location and support service. Trained with the Association of Film Commissioners International and with a lifetime of experience on Guernsey, Tony Brassell (Film Commissioner) can assist any crews wanting to find a location or services in Guernsey. He can also help with the relevant permissions that might be needed to film in the chosen locations.

For a larger image click on the photoWith beautiful properties like this available to film makers, we can save you days of expensive research when looking for that prime location.

To find out more about this property or the services we can offer call Tony Brassell on +44 (0) 1481 244571 or email Tony direct. You can also view our photo archive by clicking here.

Email: Tony Brassell