Local Media

One of the benefits of working on Guernsey is easy access to the media who are always keen to help visiting film crews in any way they can. For example if at very short notice you realised you needed a particular type of tractor or other such kit, the local media could soon make that known over the Radio and most times that piece of kit would be found.

The local media are also always keen to make people aware of what is happening in the Island but not to the detriment of a specific project, therefore keeping them informed of your plans can be useful to ensure the right message is portrayed to local people.

There may also be the opportunity to use some of their expertise, for example local camera crews from Channel Television, so we thought it would be worth listing them here together with contact details.

The main media are:

If you would like to find out more about contacting the local media, contact Tony Brassell on the link below.

Email: Tony Brassell